About us


Distribution, shop and café

A large part of our goods are sold wholesale to restaurants and shops. We have a very wide range and large stock of Asian specialty and basic items, so we can be your one-stop-shop for all your Asian foods.

In addition to our business to businesses sales, we also offer our goods in smaller batches to private individuals. As a private person, you will find a huge selection of instant noodles, tofu, sauces and much more. If you have an Asian recipe and have come across an ingredient you have not seen or heard of before, we will almost guarantee that you can find it in our range.

We have expanded our business and have set up a small cafe area where you can experience a small part of Asia in the middle of Odense city. In the cafe area, we have created an authentic atmosphere where you will experience a place buzzing with life and activity. Just like you would experience it if you sat in a market in Vietnam and ate.

In our restaurant you can, among other things. get Vietnamese coffee, tea and sandwiches served. In addition, a very authentic “dish of the day” will be served daily, as well as a selection of Asian soups and barbecues. Our food is cooked in a professional kitchen according to traditional recipes, with the right ingredients. Exactly as we ourselves wish.


Family business

Back in the 80s, Cu Dam arrived as a boat refugee from Vietnam. After his arrival in Odense, he had many changing jobs in several different professions. Unfortunately he became unemployed, but as an unemployed man he was offered an ultra-short course for the self-employed and it was here that he first got the idea to start his own business.

It started with a small stock of Asian food and a van. The goods were sold and delivered to restaurants and the like. Quietly, a larger and larger inventory was built up and the customers became more and more. After a few years, building up the business, Cu found the current premises on Nyborgvej 181. Here, Saigon Market has been located and operated from, ever since.

Today, Saigon Market is a family business and also employs several full-time employees. Recently, Saigon Market’s premises have been renovated and expanded with a cafe area serving traditional and authentic Vietnamese food and coffee.